Managing Archaeology in the Planning Process





Crow archaeology is committed to keeping our communities safe during this time of crisis.

At this time we are able to complete existing desk-based project commitments as instructed. In addition, we are able to adapt most of the classes of project common to the development planning stages to follow through on them and remain compliant with planning policy, legislation and guidance and with government advice on mitigating the spread of the virus.

Where archaeological fieldwork is required we will be guided by the policies of the UK government, our governing body, the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA), and archaeological contractors, who are most exposed in this crisis. Every project will be evaluated in relation to compliance and potential risk and we will maintain open and honest communication around any potential risks to project viability.

Crow Archaeology is determined to be part of the solution and to help keep our clients and contractors both safe and economically viable so we can all recovery from this critical test of society.

We wish you all health and continuity.


QGIS Stylesheets

Who are the stylesheets for?

To support our professional and volunteer communities we have developed a set of Stylesheets (QML) for QGIS which define display symbology and labelling characteristics for Historic England's Designated Heritage Asset GIS data.

Specifically, they are aimed at small companies, heritage organisations, self-employed contractors, third-sector organisations and voluntary groups.

Designed for Historic England Data

  • World Heritage Sites
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • Listed Buildings
  • Registered Parks and Gardens
  • Battlefields
  • Protected Wreck Sites
  • Certificates of Immunity
  • Building Preservation Notices

About the Stylesheets

Our free to use QGIS Stylesheets have been designed to provide a scaling symbology and labelling scheme for Historic England's Designated Heritage Asset GIS data.

The QGI Stylesheets have been designed to be colour-blind friendly and to be used with the current long term build QGIS 3.10.4 'A Coruña'.

See it in action:

Vimeo Video

The following supporting documents accompany the Stylesheets:

  • Stylesheet Guidance
  • Stylesheet Colour Specification
  • Sample Map Images (with georeference files)
  • Sample Shapefiles (Site Location, Redline, Study Area and Land Ownership
  • SVG files for the Battlefield and RPG SVG symbols

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